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APFC Relays (Automatic Power Factor Controller)

Product Category:Electronic Instrumentation & Electrical Measurement / Control
Usage Directive:Low Voltage (LV) Directive. (Below 1000Vac)
Standards Compliance:CE & RoHS
Primary Function:Product applicability to function with LV or HV Electrical supply & distribution system. The function is for controlling the supply system Power Factor by switching capacitor banks.
Secondary Function:Monitoring, Logging, and Communicating the Electrical measured parameters. loT functionality.
Additional Function:Providing the add-on protection to the Power Factor Correction system. The product cannot be categorized as a "Protection Relay". The intent of an Additional Function is of "add-on protection" when the primary protections in Power Factor Correction Systems are either non-critical and absent OR the primary protection functions fail to perform.

Specification Sheet

Sr.No Parameters Technical Data
1 Number of Steps 5, 10, 15, or as per customer needs
2 Current Input 1A/5A
3 Voltage Input 85v - 550v (Line to Line
4 Rated Frequency 50 Hz - 60Hz
5 Display Parameters All electrical parameters
6 Record Parameters Min/Max V, Max A, Max KVA/KW/KVAr, Max V-THD, Max I-THD, Max Temp
7 Control Range Power factor range - 0.3 Lag to 0.3 Lead
8 Control Mode Intelligent mode LIFO, FIFO
9 Operation Mode Automatic, Manual
10 Alarms 3 Alarms are provided(User Selectable)
11 Control Range Over / Under compensation, Over / Under voltage, Over / Under Current, High V-THD, High I-THD, Over / Under frequency, Over temperature, No-volt release
12 Power Consumption 6.5 VA
13 Operating Temp -20 to +60 °C
14 Relative Humidity <90 %
15 CT Operated Single, Double & Three CT operated
16 Operating Base Controller Base, Thyristor Base
17 Communication GPRS, USB
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