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Burst Proof Capacitor Metal Top

Yash Capacitor's technical team has been working on a breakthrough burst-proof capacitor technology. Our burst-proof capacitors undergo rigorous testing and observation. This continuous effort to build this product has helped to produce a quality that cannot be surpassed by anyone in terms of reliability, price, quality, and durability.

PFC capacitor tops are used for round capacitors ranges 400v, 415v, 525v, 690v and / or as per customer requirement

Specification Sheet

Sr.No Particulars Technical Data
1 Model YHCV-CMT-007-T1-BL
2 Sizes Type 1 75/85/90/95/100/116 and 136 MM
3 Sizes Type 2 116 and 136 MM
4 Description Burst Proof Capacitor Metal Top
5 Application Used For Round Capacitor Range 400v, 415v, 525v, 690v, and / or As Per Customer Requirment
6 Test Standard AQL = 1.0% LEVEL 1
7 Clearance (Distance between two terminals 10mm
8 Creapage Distance 12mm
9 Terminal M5 Torque Limit 2.5nm
10 Terminal Protection Finger Proof Terminal Cover
11 Applied BDV (kv) 4.5 kv for 3 Sec Between Terminals 4.5 kv FOR 3 Sec Between Terminals & Cover
12 Appearance Shiny Scratch Proof Surface
13 Salt Spray Test Tested For 96 Hrs - No Rust On Terminal / Welding Place Oobserved
14 Life Test 150000 Operating Hrs at 65°C
15 Dimenstion Od - 90mm, ID - 72mm
Note : Customizatoin based on customer requirement is possible
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Faq Mockup
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